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Whether you're looking for a job or seeking staffing services - E3 Works for you.

About E3

Making the right
connection that works for everyone.

E3 Works is a solutions firm focusing on delivering high quality services to both employers and job seekers.

What we offer

Recruitment Solutions for all

Our focus is to service our clients and candidates in the best way possible.

For Employers

E3 Works supports a wide variety of industries with a selection of placement options that best support your needs.

HR Solutions

From Health and Safety to Administration and Recruitment, E3 Works has you covered.

Our Belief

To create a sense of community amongst our employees through skill development, technical training, competitive wages and building strong relationships that leave lasting impressions; offering our clients services that are second-to-none and ensuring that our quality, cost and service delivery always exceed expectations.

“I have worked for a number of placement agencies in the past and none of which have shown the level of passion and dedication that E3 Works has. When matching me with a workplace they ensured I could soon call it my second home.”
- William K.
“When I first came to E3 Works I was looking to make a change. I was working through another agency for low pay and inconsistent hours with no possibility of being hired through my current company. E3 Works worked with me over the course of a few weeks to secure a smooth transition into my new job. Thanks to E3 Works I now have the salary that I am happy with, I am able to spend more time with my family and be proud of the work that I do.”
- James H
“I was with my previous employer for over two years, and saw no room for advancement. After contacting E3 Works I soon had meaningful interviews that eventually lead to my current position. Finally I consider my job a career. Although not my first agency experience, E3 Works has been the most enjoyable experience. For the first time in my life, I feel like a valued member of a team.”
- Brandon M